EC Site one-stop Solution

Solution Summary

For EC Site Investment, many requirement definition like “System”, “Investment”, “Logistics / Customer Support”, from verification and selection until business, dropped flow construction is important.

Then, for increase sales, according to attract customers and campaign project, it is important to improve website of traffic.

Certainly, it has no back-end business with no stagnation such as ordering, inventory control, product registration.

Recently, according to CRM( Client Management System ) and MA( Marketing Automation ), the communication design with customers is also responsible during the growth of EC site.

We provide the verification about EC Site construction and system selection, and daily investment and analysis reporting in EC site building by an one-stop.

Because of the sales scale is different from profitability of the fitting system, after understanding requirements and request, we will provide you appropriate suggestions and proposal.

Included Service

  •  Web Site Production
  •  EC Site Construction
  •  EC Site Investment Floor Construction
  •  EC Site Investment & Reporting
  •  Advertising Agency

*The service is also possible by request only of the part.